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Bait Protein: MIH1
Organism: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Publication: McCusker D, Denison C, Anderson S, Egelhofer TA, Yates JR 3rd, Gygi SP, Kellogg DR. Cdk1 coordinates cell-surface growth with the cell cycle.Nat Cell Biol. 2007 May;9(5):506-15.
Comments: control 2

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  Hit Protein Protein Desc Sequence Count Spectrum Count Sequence Coverage NSAF Mol. Wt.
[View Peptides]   RPP2A Ribosomal protein P2 alpha, a component of the ribosomal stalk, which is involved in the interaction... 3 4 57.5% 0.0317 10746
[View Peptides]   RPP2B Ribosomal protein P2 beta, a component of the ribosomal stalk, which is involved in the interaction ... 3 5 43.6% 0.0382 11050
[View Peptides]   NAP1 Protein that interacts with mitotic cyclin Clb2p; required for the regulation of microtubule dynamic... 7 8 30.0% 0.0161 47885
[View Peptides]   IMD3 Inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase, catalyzes the first step of GMP biosynthesis, member of a four-... 6 6 20.1% 0.00964 56585
[View Peptides]   SEC21 Gamma subunit of coatomer, a heptameric protein complex that together with Arf1p forms the COPI coat... 11 13 19.0% 0.0117 104831
[View Peptides]   IMD4 Inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase, catalyzes the first step of GMP biosynthesis, member of a four-... 5 5 16.4% 0.00802 56394
[View Peptides]   IMD2 Inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase, catalyzes the rate-limiting step in GTP biosynthesis, expressio... 4 4 14.0% 0.00643 56530
[View Peptides]   IMD1 [DUBIOUS] Nonfunctional protein with homology to IMP dehydrogenase; probable pseudogene, located clo... 3 3 12.9% 0.00626 44386
[View Peptides]   WTM2 Transcriptional modulator involved in regulation of meiosis, silencing, and expression of RNR genes;... 3 5 12.8% 0.009 51951
[View Peptides]   NOT5 Subunit of the CCR4-NOT complex, which is a global transcriptional regulator with roles in transcrip... 4 4 12.7% 0.006 65855
[View Peptides]   RSC8 Component of the RSC chromatin remodeling complex; essential for viability and mitotic growth; homol... 6 6 12.4% 0.00905 63168
[View Peptides]   ASC1 G-protein beta subunit and guanine nucleotide dissociation inhibitor for Gpa2p; ortholog of RACK1 th... 4 4 12.2% 0.0105 34805
[View Peptides]   ENO2 Enolase II, a phosphopyruvate hydratase that catalyzes the conversion of 2-phosphoglycerate to phosp... 2 2 11.7% 0.00385 46914
[View Peptides]   RPP0 Conserved ribosomal protein P0 similar to rat P0, human P0, and E. coli L10e; shown to be phosphoryl... 4 4 10.6% 0.0108 33717
[View Peptides]   SSE1 ATPase that is a component of the heat shock protein Hsp90 chaperone complex; binds unfolded protein... 5 6 10.4% 0.00728 77367
[View Peptides]   SFH1 Component of the RSC chromatin remodeling complex; essential gene required for cell cycle progressio... 3 3 10.3% 0.00592 48777
[View Peptides]   DED1 ATP-dependent DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp)-box RNA helicase, required for translation initiation of all ye... 3 3 9.6% 0.00417 65553
[View Peptides]   RSC9 Component of the RSC chromatin remodeling complex; DNA-binding protein involved in the synthesis of ... 3 5 9.6% 0.00723 65218
[View Peptides]   KAP122 Karyopherin beta, responsible for import of the Toa1p-Toa2p complex into the nucleus; binds to nucle... 6 12 9.4% 0.00933 123531
[View Peptides]   NSR1 Nucleolar protein that binds nuclear localization sequences, required for pre-rRNA processing and ri... 2 2 7.7% 0.00406 44535
[View Peptides]   NOG1 Putative GTPase that associates with free 60S ribosomal subunits in the nucleolus and is required fo... 2 2 5.9% 0.0026 74410
[View Peptides]   ARP9 Component of both the SWI/SNF and RSC chromatin remodeling complexes; actin-related protein involved... 2 2 5.6% 0.0036 53074
[View Peptides]   NPL3 RNA-binding protein that promotes elongation, regulates termination, and carries poly(A) mRNA from n... 2 3 5.3% 0.00609 45407
[View Peptides]   SVP26 Integral membrane protein of the early Golgi apparatus and endoplasmic reticulum, involved in COP II... 2 2 4.8% 0.00737 26284
[View Peptides]   KAR2 ATPase involved in protein import into the ER, also acts as a chaperone to mediate protein folding i... 3 3 4.4% 0.0037 74468
[View Peptides]   STH1 ATPase component of the RSC chromatin remodeling complex; required for expression of early meiotic g... 2 4 2.1% 0.00247 156742

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