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About the Yeast Resource Center

The Yeast Resource Center (YRC) is a Biomedical Technology Resource Center supported by grants from National Center for Research Resources (P41 RR11823) and National Institute of General Medical Studies (P41 GM103533) at the US National Institutes of Health. The YRC is located in the Department of Biochemistry and Department of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington. The mission of the center is to facilitate the identification and characterization of protein complexes in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. We provide expertise and access to five advanced technologies:

Through collaborations with YRC personnel these critical, but costly, technologies are made available to a large community of researchers throughout the country.

The investigators participating in the YRC include Dr. John Yates and Dr. Mike MacCoss for mass spectrometry, Dr. Stan Fields for two-hybrid analysis, Dr. Trisha Davis and Dr. Eric Muller for fluorescence microscopy, Dr. David Baker for protein structure prediction, and Dr. Bill Noble for computational biology.

These services are provided to further the goal of a complete understanding of the chemical interactions required for the maintenance and faithful reproduction of a living cell. The observation that the fundamental biological processes of yeast are conserved among all eukaryotes ensures that this knowledge will shape and advance our understanding of living systems.

To learn more about the YRC, please click here to visit our site (opens new browser window).

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