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Bait Protein: ASF1
Organism: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Publication: Green EM, Antczak AJ, Bailey AO, Franco AA, Wu KJ, Yates JR 3rd, Kaufman PD. Replication-independent histone deposition by the HIR complex and Asf1. Curr Biol. 2005 Nov 22;15(22):2044-9.
Comments: 3906: TAP-tagged

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  Hit Protein Protein Desc Sequence Count Spectrum Count Sequence Coverage NSAF Mol. Wt.
[View Peptides]   ASF1 Nucleosome assembly factor, involved in chromatin assembly and disassembly, anti-silencing protein t... 69 568 74.2% 0.594 31603
[View Peptides]   RAD53 Protein kinase, required for cell-cycle arrest in response to DNA damage; activated by trans autopho... 64 213 65.3% 0.0757 91962
[View Peptides]   HHF1, HHF2 Histone H4, core histone protein required for chromatin assembly and chromosome function; one of two... 2 2 18.4% 0.00567 11368
[View Peptides]   CKB1 Beta regulatory subunit of casein kinase 2, a Ser/Thr protein kinase with roles in cell growth and p... 2 3 16.2% 0.00315 32265
[View Peptides]   SHM1 Mitochondrial serine hydroxymethyltransferase, converts serine to glycine plus 5,10 methylenetetrahy... 5 6 15.7% 0.00357 53686
[View Peptides]   NFS1 Cysteine desulfurase involved in iron-sulfur cluster (Fe/S) biogenesis; required for the post-transc... 4 4 12.9% 0.00235 54467
[View Peptides]   RAF1 Anti-repressor that increases 2 micron plasmid copy number by relieving repression of the FLP1 site-... 2 2 12.7% 0.00323 21290
[View Peptides]   SAM1 S-adenosylmethionine synthetase, catalyzes transfer of the adenosyl group of ATP to the sulfur atom ... 2 3 6.8% 0.00229 41818
[View Peptides]   SAM2 S-adenosylmethionine synthetase, catalyzes transfer of the adenosyl group of ATP to the sulfur atom ... 2 3 6.8% 0.00228 42256
[View Peptides]   RRT12 Probable subtilisin-family protease with a role in formation of the dityrosine layer of spore walls;... 2 2 6.1% 0.00119 55068
[View Peptides]   PDC1 Major of three pyruvate decarboxylase isozymes, key enzyme in alcoholic fermentation, decarboxylates... 2 2 5.9% 0.00104 61495
[View Peptides]   TEF1, TEF2 Translational elongation factor EF-1 alpha; also encoded by TEF2; functions in the binding reaction ... 3 3 5.9% 0.00191 50033
[View Peptides]   SSC1 Hsp70 family ATPase, constituent of the import motor component of the Translocase of the Inner Mitoc... 2 3 4.7% 0.00134 70628
[View Peptides]   VPS34 Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase responsible for the synthesis of phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate; for... 2 2 3.8% 6.67E-4 100921
[View Peptides]   PHO81 Cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitor, regulates Pho80p-Pho85p and Pcl7p-Pho85p cyclin-CDK complex... 2 2 3.0% 4.96E-4 134029
[View Peptides]   SSD1 Protein with a role in maintenance of cellular integrity, interacts with components of the TOR pathw... 2 2 2.7% 4.67E-4 139954
[View Peptides]   LOS1 Nuclear pore protein involved in nuclear export of pre-tRNA and in re-export of mature tRNAs after t... 2 7 2.5% 0.00186 126819
[View Peptides]   MDM20 Non-catalytic subunit of the NatB N-terminal acetyltransferase, which catalyzes N-acetylation of pro... 2 2 2.5% 7.33E-4 92809
[View Peptides]   STU1 Component of the mitotic spindle that binds to interpolar microtubules via its association with beta... 2 2 2.2% 3.86E-4 174176
[View Peptides]   MON2 Peripheral membrane protein with a role in endocytosis and vacuole integrity, interacts with Arl1p a... 2 2 2.1% 3.57E-4 186835
[View Peptides]   VTH2 Putative membrane glycoprotein with strong similarity to Vth1p and Pep1p/Vps10p, may be involved in ... 2 2 1.9% 3.77E-4 174401
[View Peptides]   VTH1 Putative membrane glycoprotein with strong similarity to Vth2p and Pep1p/Vps10p, may be involved in ... 2 2 1.9% 3.77E-4 174427
[View Peptides]   MSC6 Protein of unknown function; mutant is defective in directing meiotic recombination events to homolo... 2 2 1.7% 8.44E-4 79947
[View Peptides]   YLR001C Putative protein of unknown function; the authentic, non-tagged protein is detected in highly purifi... 2 8 1.3% 0.00271 97618

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