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NUP188 NUP1 NUP170 NUP159 NUP2 NUP42 NUP133 POM152 NOP14 NUP116 NUP100 GLE2 NUP157

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Protein Complex Data Overview

Interactive Protein Complex Map

The vertices presented in the network are the proteins predicted to be cocomplexed with GLE2 from this publication. An edge exists between any two proteins that are predicted to be cocomplexed by this study. Edges are colored based on the similarity of the GO annotation for Biological Process between the two proteins.


   = Same process, or one is unknown.    = Same branch, distance 4.
   = Same branch, distance 1.    = Same branch, distance 5.
   = Same branch, distance 2.    = Same branch, distance 6 or more.
   = Same branch, distance 3.    = Not in same branch of GO.

Protein Complex Details

  Size Notes Members
View GO Analysis 13 proteins MIPS hand-curated complex set. MIPS complex ID: 310 GLE2 NOP14 NUP1 NUP100 NUP116 NUP133 NUP157 NUP159 NUP170 NUP188 NUP2 NUP42 POM152

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