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Bait Protein: VAM3
Organism: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Publication: Hao Xu , Youngsoo Jun, James Thompson, John Yates and William Wickner (2010) HOPS Prevents the Disassembly of Trans-SNARE Complexes by Sec17p/Sec18p during Membrane Fusion [In Press]
Comments: sample: hx1

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  Hit Protein Protein Desc Sequence Count Spectrum Count Sequence Coverage NSAF Mol. Wt.
[View Peptides]   SEC17 Peripheral membrane protein required for vesicular transport between ER and Golgi, the 'priming' ste... 13 37 44.5% 0.0858 32803
[View Peptides]   NYV1 v-SNARE component of the vacuolar SNARE complex involved in vesicle fusion; inhibits ATP-dependent C... 5 6 30.0% 0.0161 28964
[View Peptides]   VAM7 Component of the vacuole SNARE complex involved in vacuolar morphogenesis; SNAP-25 homolog; function... 8 18 27.5% 0.0386 36711
[View Peptides]   VTI1 Protein involved in cis-Golgi membrane traffic; v-SNARE that interacts with two t-SNARES, Sed5p and ... 5 13 26.7% 0.0406 24668
[View Peptides]   RPP2A Ribosomal protein P2 alpha, a component of the ribosomal stalk, which is involved in the interaction... 2 2 24.5% 0.0128 10746
[View Peptides]   RPP2B Ribosomal protein P2 beta, a component of the ribosomal stalk, which is involved in the interaction ... 2 2 23.6% 0.0123 11050
[View Peptides]   VAM3 Syntaxin-related protein required for vacuolar assembly; functions with Vam7p in vacuolar protein tr... 5 15 18.4% 0.0359 32498
[View Peptides]   PHO8 Repressible alkaline phosphatase, a glycoprotein localized to the vacuole; regulated by levels of in... 6 6 15.9% 0.00718 63004
[View Peptides]   YKT6 Vesicle membrane protein (v-SNARE) with acyltransferase activity; involved in trafficking to and wit... 2 2 13.0% 0.00677 22707
[View Peptides]   ROT1 Molecular chaperone involved in protein folding in the ER; mutation causes defects in cell wall synt... 2 2 12.1% 0.00529 28908
[View Peptides]   CDC19 Pyruvate kinase, functions as a homotetramer in glycolysis to convert phosphoenolpyruvate to pyruvat... 4 4 11.6% 0.00542 54545
[View Peptides]   SHM2 Cytosolic serine hydroxymethyltransferase, converts serine to glycine plus 5,10 methylenetetrahydrof... 3 3 8.7% 0.00433 52219
[View Peptides]   PHO84 High-affinity inorganic phosphate (Pi) transporter and low-affinity manganese transporter; regulated... 3 3 8.0% 0.00346 64382
[View Peptides]   VPH1 Subunit a of vacuolar-ATPase V0 domain, one of two isoforms (Vph1p and Stv1p); Vph1p is located in V... 4 4 7.3% 0.00322 95529
[View Peptides]   PDA1 E1 alpha subunit of the pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH) complex, catalyzes the direct oxidative decarbo... 2 2 6.4% 0.00322 46343
[View Peptides]   KAR2 ATPase involved in protein import into the ER, also acts as a chaperone to mediate protein folding i... 2 2 4.5% 0.00199 74468
[View Peptides]   VTC4 Vacuolar membrane polyphosphate polymerase; subunit of the vacuolar transporter chaperone (VTC) comp... 3 3 4.2% 0.00282 83155
[View Peptides]   RGA1 GTPase-activating protein for the polarity-establishment protein Cdc42p; implicated in control of se... 2 2 4.0% 0.00134 112831
[View Peptides]   VAM6 Vacuolar protein that plays a critical role in the tethering steps of vacuolar membrane fusion by fa... 2 2 3.3% 0.00129 122881
[View Peptides]   YCF1 Vacuolar glutathione S-conjugate transporter of the ATP-binding cassette family, has a role in detox... 3 3 3.0% 0.00134 171120

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