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Bait Protein: BIR1
Organism: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Publication: Sandall S, Severin F, McLeod IX, Yates JR 3rd, Oegema K, Hyman A, Desai A. A Bir1-Sli15 complex connects centromeres to microtubules and is required to sense kinetochore tension. Cell. 2006;127(6):1179-91.
Comments: sample bir 1 from feb 2005

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  Hit Protein Protein Desc Sequence Count Spectrum Count Sequence Coverage NSAF Mol. Wt.
[View Peptides]   BIR1 Subunit of chromosomal passenger complex (CPC; Ipl1p-Sli15p-Bir1p-Nbl1p), which regulates chromosome... 21 56 22.7% 0.0808 108667
[View Peptides]   HS75_YEAST, HSP7... (P11484) Heat shock protein SSB1 (Cold-inducible protein YG101), (P11484) Heat shock protein SSB1 (C... 11 20 18.3% 0.045 66470
[View Peptides]   HSP76_YEAST, HS7... (P40150) Heat shock protein SSB2, (P40150) Heat shock protein SSB2 11 18 18.3% 0.0405 66463
[View Peptides]   HSP72_YEAST, HS7... (P10592) Heat shock protein SSA2, (P10592) Heat shock protein SSA2 3 3 11.8% 0.00647 69339
[View Peptides]   HS71_YEAST, HSP7... (P10591) Heat shock protein SSA1 (Heat shock protein YG100), (P10591) Heat shock protein SSA1 (Heat ... 3 4 11.7% 0.00859 69526
[View Peptides]   PSA1 GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase (mannose-1-phosphate guanyltransferase), synthesizes GDP-mannose from ... 2 2 9.7% 0.00763 39566
[View Peptides]   VMA2 Subunit B of the eight-subunit V1 peripheral membrane domain of the vacuolar H+-ATPase (V-ATPase), a... 3 5 8.9% 0.0133 57749
[View Peptides]   SLI15 Subunit of the conserved chromosomal passenger complex (CPC; Ipl1p-Sli15p-Bir1p-Nbl1p), which regula... 3 16 7.0% 0.0316 79186
[View Peptides]   DON1 Meiosis-specific component of the spindle pole body, part of the leading edge protein (LEP) coat, fo... 2 10 4.9% 0.0377 40162
[View Peptides]   GTT3 Protein of unknown function with a possible role in glutathione metabolism, as suggested by computat... 2 123 4.7% 0.503 38235
[View Peptides]   AGC1 Mitochondrial amino acid transporter, acts both as a glutamate uniporter and as an aspartate-glutama... 2 2 4.4% 0.00305 104304
[View Peptides]   BDF2 Protein involved in transcription initiation at TATA-containing promoters; associates with the basal... 2 2 4.2% 0.00432 72513
[View Peptides]   TCB3 Lipid-binding protein, localized to the bud via specific mRNA transport; non-tagged protein detected... 2 2 2.7% 0.00178 171075
[View Peptides]   KIN2 Serine/threonine protein kinase involved in regulation of exocytosis; localizes to the cytoplasmic f... 2 2 1.6% 0.0024 128338
[View Peptides]   RGT1 Glucose-responsive transcription factor that regulates expression of several glucose transporter (HX... 2 4 1.3% 0.00471 128240

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