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Protein Overview: atg-7

Protein Complex Data

No complex found for this protein.

Mass Spectrometry Data

No mass spectrometry results found for this protein.

Yeast Two-Hybrid Data

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No yeast two-hybrid interactions found for this protein.

Microscopy / Localization Data

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No microscopy data found in the PDR for this protein.

Protein Structure Data

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Domains predicted:

#   Region(s) Method Confidence Match Description
1 View Details [1..143] MSA 1.044974 View MSA. No confident structure predictions are available.
2 View Details [144..290] MSA 2.207995 View MSA. No confident structure predictions are available.
3 View Details [291..647] PSI-BLAST 62.30103 Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis protein MoeB

Functions predicted (by domain):

# Gene Ontology predictions
1 No functions predicted.
2 No functions predicted.
Term Confidence Notes
  • small protein activating enzyme activity
  • 3.58068602287881 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • NEDD8 activating enzyme activity
  • 2.11391077579348 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • small conjugating protein ligase activity
  • 1.84216910649062 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • binding
  • 1.66028321721112 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • transcription regulator activity
  • 1.54883560427918 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • protein binding
  • 1.40907622346701 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • transferase activity, transferring phosphorus-containing groups
  • 1.31244773198273 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • acid-amino acid ligase activity
  • 1.27535252106053 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • catalytic activity
  • 1.22201444897049 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • transferase activity
  • 0.680338489823338 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • URM1 activating enzyme activity
  • 0.207228630005671 bayes_pls_golite062009

    Philius Transmembrane Prediction:

    Protein predicted to be: GLOBULAR (No transmembrane regions or signal peptide)
    Confidence of classification: 0.86

    Source: Reynolds et al. (2008)

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