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Protein Overview: LYS4

Protein Complex Data

View Details Riffle et al. (2010) (Unpublished Data) ANT1 LYS4
View Details Krogan NJ, et al. (2006) HFM1 LYS4 NEW1 RBG1 SGD1 SOK1 SSZ1 TCB1 TGL5 TMA46 YEF3 YLR072W ZUO1

Mass Spectrometry Data

The following runs contain data for this protein:

View Run RPA135 No Comments Schneider, DA, et al. (2006)
View Run ZDS1 Sample 2- cpn2 from june 2005 McCusker D, et al (2007)

Yeast Two-Hybrid Data

Microscopy / Localization Data

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View Data LYS4 Huh WK, et al. (2003)

Protein Structure Data

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Domains predicted:

#   Region(s) Method Confidence Match Description
1 View Details [1..505]
PSI-BLAST 1295.228787 Aconitase A, C-terminal domain; Aconitase A, N-terminal domain
2 View Details [506..526]
PSI-BLAST 1295.228787 Aconitase A, C-terminal domain; Aconitase A, N-terminal domain

Functions predicted (by domain):

# Gene Ontology predictions
Term Confidence Notes
  • 3-isopropylmalate dehydratase activity
  • 11.6597692115322 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • aconitate hydratase activity
  • 5.86356477922338 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • catalytic activity
  • 2.4040324437254 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • carbon-oxygen lyase activity
  • 2.08349115784849 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • hydro-lyase activity
  • 2.04845291489052 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • lyase activity
  • 2.0080619912194 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • RNA binding
  • 1.22007129202809 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • structural constituent of ribosome
  • 0.952569345633996 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • nucleic acid binding
  • 0.290042934134994 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • iron-sulfur cluster binding
  • 0.239736179000069 bayes_pls_golite062009
  • metal cluster binding
  • 0.239736179000069 bayes_pls_golite062009
    2 No functions predicted.

    Philius Transmembrane Prediction:

    Protein predicted to be: GLOBULAR (No transmembrane regions or signal peptide)
    Confidence of classification: 0.86

    Source: Reynolds et al. (2008)

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