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Protein: RPS28A
Organism: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Length: 67 amino acids
Reference: Malmström L, et al. (2007) Superfamily assignments for the yeast proteome through integration of structure prediction with the gene ontology. PLoS Biol 5(4): e76. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0050076

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Top Sequence Alignment Hits

Listed below are up to the top 10 sequence alignment matches, by species, for the PSI-BLAST search against the protein sequence for RPS28A.

Description E-value Query
gi|209737176, gi... - gi|223672277|gb|ACN12320.1| 40S ribosomal protein S28 [Salmo salar], gi|223646430|gb|ACN09973.1| 40S...
gi|229366522 - gi|229366522|gb|ACQ58241.1| 40S ribosomal protein S28 [Anoplopoma fimbria]
gi|124300845 - gi|124300845|dbj|BAF45918.1| ribosomal protein S28 [Solea senegalensis]
gi|225711112 - gi|225711112|gb|ACO11402.1| 40S ribosomal protein S28 [Caligus rogercresseyi]
gi|225716510 - gi|225716510|gb|ACO14101.1| 40S ribosomal protein S28 [Esox lucius]
RS28_ICTPU - 40S ribosomal protein S28 OS=Ictalurus punctatus GN=rps28 PE=3 SV=1
RS28_DANRE - 40S ribosomal protein S28 OS=Danio rerio GN=rps28 PE=3 SV=1
1.0E-21 [6..67] [8..69]
tr|G3I5R2|G3I5R2... - 40S ribosomal protein S28 OS=Cricetulus griseus GN=H671_5g13698 PE=3 SV=1
RS28_MOUSE - 40S ribosomal protein S28 OS=Mus musculus GN=Rps28 PE=1 SV=1
ENSCJAT00000020884 - null
gi|57726 - gi|57726|emb|CAA41967.1| ribosomal protein S28 [Rattus rattus]
tr|M3X2Q9|M3X2Q9... - Ribosomal protein S28 OS=Felis catus GN=RPS28 PE=3 SV=1
RS28_BOVIN - 40S ribosomal protein S28 OS=Bos taurus GN=RPS28 PE=3 SV=1
gi|114675098, gi... - gi|114675098|ref|XP_001157792.1| PREDICTED: similar to ribosomal protein S28 [Pan troglodytes], gi|1...
gi|197129910, gi... - gi|197129910|gb|ACH46408.1| putative ribosomal protein S28 [Taeniopygia guttata], gi|197127423|gb|AC...
gi|73987191 - gi|73987191|ref|XP_542128.2| PREDICTED: similar to 40S ribosomal protein S28 [Canis familiaris]
gi|123980908, gi... - gi|61359175|gb|AAX41679.1| ribosomal protein S28 [synthetic construct], gi|123995725|gb|ABM85464.1| ...
gi|149716415 - gi|149716415|ref|XP_001498263.1| PREDICTED: similar to ribosomal protein S28 [Equus caballus]
gi|363743624|ref... - PREDICTED: 40S ribosomal protein S28 [Gallus gallus]
gi|109123228 - gi|109123228|ref|XP_001093698.1| PREDICTED: similar to 40S ribosomal protein S28 [Macaca mulatta]
tr|G1TIB4|G1TIB4... - pep:novel scaffold:oryCun2:GL018767:383778:384626:-1 gene:ENSOCUG00000021484 transcript:ENSOCUT00000...
RPS28 - ribosomal protein S28
RS28_RAT - 40S ribosomal protein S28 OS=Rattus norvegicus GN=Rps28 PE=1 SV=1
RS28_PIG - 40S ribosomal protein S28 OS=Sus scrofa GN=RPS28 PE=1 SV=2
2.0E-21 [6..67] [8..69]
RPS28B - Protein component of the small (40S) ribosomal subunit; nearly identical to Rps28Ap and has similari...
ORFP:15843 - YLR264W, Contig c146 19013-19216 reverse complement
RS28B_YEAST - 40S ribosomal protein S28-B OS=Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain ATCC 204508 / S288c) GN=RPS28B PE=1 ...
gi|190405324 - gi|190405324|gb|EDV08591.1| ribosomal protein S28B [Saccharomyces cerevisiae RM11-1a]
gi|151941098 - gi|151941098|gb|EDN59478.1| ribosomal protein S28B [Saccharomyces cerevisiae YJM789]
5.0E-21 [1..67] [1..67]
RS28_KLUMA - 40S ribosomal protein S28 OS=Kluyveromyces marxianus GN=RPS28 PE=3 SV=1
8.0E-21 [1..67] [1..67]
rps2801, rps2802 - 40S ribosomal protein S28, 40S ribosomal protein S28
RS28A_SCHPO, RS2... - 40S ribosomal protein S28-B OS=Schizosaccharomyces pombe (strain 972 / ATCC 24843) GN=rps2802 PE=3 S...
gi|213406339, gi... - gi|213410114|ref|XP_002175827.1| 40S ribosomal protein S28 [Schizosaccharomyces japonicus yFS275], g...
1.0E-20 [1..67] [1..68]
gi|12239511 - gi|12239511|gb|AAG49498.1| ribosomal protein S28 [Cricetulus griseus]
1.0E-20 [6..64] [8..66]
FBpp0310057, RpS... - The gene Ribosomal protein S28b is referred to in FlyBase by the symbol Dmel\RpS28b (CG2998, FBgn003...
gi|195044778, gi... - gi|195044778|ref|XP_001991871.1| GH12901 [Drosophila grimshawi], gi|193901629|gb|EDW00496.1| GH12901...
gi|190648966, gi... - gi|194890478|ref|XP_001977317.1| GG18316 [Drosophila erecta], gi|190648966|gb|EDV46244.1| GG18316 [D...
gi|195350506, gi... - gi|195350506|ref|XP_002041781.1| GM11375 [Drosophila sechellia], gi|194123586|gb|EDW45629.1| GM11375...
gi|193909058, gi... - gi|195134759|ref|XP_002011804.1| GI14378 [Drosophila mojavensis], gi|193909058|gb|EDW07925.1| GI1437...
gi|194167066, gi... - gi|195446918|ref|XP_002070981.1| GK25380 [Drosophila willistoni], gi|194167066|gb|EDW81967.1| GK2538...
gi|54643976, gi|... - gi|54643976|gb|EAL32719.1| GA15566 [Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura], gi|125983790|ref|XP_001...
gi|195393766, gi... - gi|195393766|ref|XP_002055524.1| GJ19416 [Drosophila virilis], gi|194150034|gb|EDW65725.1| GJ19416 [...
gi|194203950, gi... - gi|195565977|ref|XP_002106570.1| GD16052 [Drosophila simulans], gi|194203950|gb|EDX17526.1| GD16052 ...
gi|195481706, gi... - gi|195481706|ref|XP_002101747.1| GE17798 [Drosophila yakuba], gi|194189271|gb|EDX02855.1| GE17798 [D...
gi|220956992, gi... - gi|220956992|gb|ACL91039.1| RpS28b-PA [synthetic construct], gi|220947628|gb|ACL86357.1| RpS28b-PA [...
gi|54643976|gb|E... - GA15566-PA [Drosophila pseudoobscura], GA15566 [Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura]
2.0E-20 [6..67] [4..65]
RS28_KLULA - 40S ribosomal protein S28 OS=Kluyveromyces lactis (strain ATCC 8585 / CBS 2359 / DSM 70799 / NBRC 12...
RS28_KLULA - 40S ribosomal protein S28 OS=Kluyveromyces lactis GN=RPS28 PE=3 SV=1
2.0E-20 [1..67] [1..67]
RS28_OSTOS - 40S ribosomal protein S28 OS=Ostertagia ostertagi GN=rps-28 PE=3 SV=1
8.0E-20 [6..67] [4..66]


Predicted Domain #1
Region A:
Residues: [1-67]
      1          11         21         31         41         51         
      |          |          |          |          |          |          

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Detection Method: Pfam
Confidence: 43.522879
Match: PF01200
Description: Ribosomal protein S28e

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Predicted functions:

Term Confidence Notes
structural constituent of ribosome 7.45319063235379 bayes_pls_golite062009
structural molecule activity 6.87843523680097 bayes_pls_golite062009
translation elongation factor activity 3.58178742491041 bayes_pls_golite062009
RNA binding 3.30183895019873 bayes_pls_golite062009
nucleic acid binding 2.61313484113692 bayes_pls_golite062009
binding 2.20683882867211 bayes_pls_golite062009
DNA binding 1.87254683997276 bayes_pls_golite062009
1.49823328757628 bayes_pls_golite062009
translation regulator activity 1.46320772716954 bayes_pls_golite062009
translation factor activity, nucleic acid binding 1.40718318783582 bayes_pls_golite062009
aminoacyl-tRNA ligase activity 1.35850109411274 bayes_pls_golite062009
ligase activity, forming aminoacyl-tRNA and related compounds 1.35845277283398 bayes_pls_golite062009
ligase activity, forming carbon-oxygen bonds 1.35845277283398 bayes_pls_golite062009
translation initiation factor activity 1.27539679024898 bayes_pls_golite062009
structure-specific DNA binding 1.10289736160471 bayes_pls_golite062009
single-stranded DNA binding 0.96886436248958 bayes_pls_golite062009
mRNA binding 0.66243778931831 bayes_pls_golite062009
ribonuclease activity 0.498439111185072 bayes_pls_golite062009
exoribonuclease activity, producing 5'-phosphomonoesters 0.438266295385131 bayes_pls_golite062009
exoribonuclease activity 0.39131721416336 bayes_pls_golite062009
ligase activity 0.346041081217685 bayes_pls_golite062009
transcription regulator activity 0.259353733157995 bayes_pls_golite062009
nuclease activity 0.17660139576327 bayes_pls_golite062009
aspartate-tRNA ligase activity 0.151650064901878 bayes_pls_golite062009
3'-5'-exoribonuclease activity 0.0717589400404304 bayes_pls_golite062009
protein binding 0.0528188351789111 bayes_pls_golite062009

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