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A protein complex that connects the inner and outer membranes of animal mitochondria and acts as a pore that can open transiently to allow free diffusion of solutes between the mitochondrial matrix and the cytosol. Any macromolecular complex composed of two or more polypeptide subunits, which may or may not be identical. Protein complexes may have other associated non-protein prosthetic groups, such as nucleotides, metal ions or other small molecules. Any small opening in a membrane that allows the passage of gases and/or liquids. A protein complex produced by sequentially activated components of the complement cascade inserted into a target cell membrane and forming a pore leading to cell lysis via ion and water flow. Any of the numerous similar discrete openings in the nuclear envelope of a eukaryotic cell, where the inner and outer nuclear membranes are joined. A stable assembly of two or more macromolecules, i.e. proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates or lipids, in which the constituent parts function together. Located in a membrane such that some covalently attached portion of the gene product, for example part of a peptide sequence or some other covalently attached moiety such as a GPI anchor, spans or is embedded in one or both leaflets of the membrane. Penetrating at least one phospholipid bilayer of a membrane. May also refer to the state of being buried in the bilayer with no exposure outside the bilayer. When used to describe a protein, indicates that all or part of the peptide sequence is embedded in the membrane.

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Name: pore complex
Acc: GO:0046930
Aspect: Cellular Component
Desc: Any small opening in a membrane that allows the passage of gases and/or liquids.
  • pore
  • pore-forming toxin activity
  • channel-forming toxin activity
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GO:0046930 - pore complex (interactive image map)

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