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A neuron projection that is found in unipolar neurons and corresponds to the region between the cell body and the point at which the single projection branches. The specialized, terminal region of a neuron projection such as an axon or a dendrite. The long process of a neuron that conducts nerve impulses, usually away from the cell body to the terminals and varicosities, which are sites of storage and release of neurotransmitter. A prolongation or process extending from a nerve cell, e.g. an axon or dendrite. A ribonucleoprotein complex that is found in the cytoplasm of axons and dendrites, and transports translationally silenced mRNAs to dendritic synapses, where they are released and translated in response to specific exogenous stimuli. Any constituent part of a cell, the basic structural and functional unit of all organisms. A prolongation or process extending from a cell, e.g. a flagellum or axon. A small membranous protrusion, often ending in a bulbous head and attached to the neuron by a narrow stalk or neck. The portion of the plasma membrane surrounding a neuron projection. A neuron projection that has a short, tapering, often branched, morphology, receives and integrates signals from other neurons or from sensory stimuli, and conducts a nerve impulse towards the axon or the cell body. In most neurons, the impulse is conveyed from dendrites to axon via the cell body, but in some types of unipolar neuron, the impulse does not travel via the cell body. The migrating motile tip of a growing nerve cell axon or dendrite.

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Name: neuron projection
Acc: GO:0043005
Aspect: Cellular Component
Desc: A prolongation or process extending from a nerve cell, e.g. an axon or dendrite.
  • neuron protrusion
  • neuron process
  • neurite
  • neuronal cell projection
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GO:0043005 - neuron projection (interactive image map)

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