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The lipid bilayer surrounding any membrane-bounded vesicle in the cell. A tissue-specific, membrane-bounded cytoplasmic organelle within which melanin pigments are synthesized and stored. Melanosomes are synthesized in melanocyte cells. The lipid bilayer surrounding a melanosome. A small, subcellular membrane-bounded vesicle containing pigment and/or pigment precursor molecules. Pigment granule biogenesis is poorly understood, as pigment granules are derived from multiple sources including the endoplasmic reticulum, coated vesicles, lysosomes, and endosomes. Any constituent part of cytoplasmic vesicle, a vesicle formed of membrane or protein, found in the cytoplasm of a cell. An intracellular membrane-bounded particle found in fungi and containing chitin synthase; it synthesizes chitin microfibrils. Chitin synthase activity exists in chitosomes and they are proposed to act as a reservoir for regulated transport of chitin synthase enzymes to the division septum. A membrane-bounded vesicle found in the cytoplasm of the cell. The lipid bilayer surrounding a cytoplasmic vesicle.

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Name: melanosome membrane
Acc: GO:0033162
Aspect: Cellular Component
Desc: The lipid bilayer surrounding a melanosome.
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GO:0033162 - melanosome membrane (interactive image map)

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