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Any of the vesicles of the constitutive secretory pathway, which carry cargo from the endoplasmic reticulum to the Golgi, between Golgi cisternae, or to destinations within or outside the cell. A vesicle that mediates transport from the Golgi to the endoplasmic reticulum. The lipid bilayer surrounding a vesicle transporting substances from the Golgi to the ER. A vesicle with a coat formed of the COPI coat complex proteins. COPI-coated vesicles are found associated with Golgi membranes at steady state, are involved in Golgi to endoplasmic reticulum (retrograde) vesicle transport, and possibly also in intra-Golgi transport. Small membrane-bounded organelle formed by pinching off of a coated region of membrane. Some coats are made of clathrin, whereas others are made from other proteins. Any vesicle associated with the Golgi complex and involved in mediating transport within the Golgi or between the Golgi and other parts of the cell. A membrane-bounded vesicle found in the cytoplasm of the cell.

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Name: Golgi to ER transport vesicle
Acc: GO:0030142
Aspect: Cellular Component
Desc: A vesicle that mediates transport from the Golgi to the endoplasmic reticulum.
  • Golgi to endoplasmic reticulum transport vesicle
  • Golgi-ER transport vesicle
  • Golgi-endoplasmic reticulum transport vesicle
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GO:0030142 - Golgi to ER transport vesicle (interactive image map)

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