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A form of programmed cell death that begins when a cell receives internal or external signals that trigger the activity of proteolytic caspases, proceeds through a series of characteristic stages typically including rounding-up of the cell, retraction of pseudopodes, reduction of cellular volume (pyknosis), chromatin condensation, nuclear fragmentation (karyorrhexis), and plasma membrane blebbing (but maintenance of its integrity until the final stages of the process), and ends with the death of the cell. Any viral process that activates or increases the frequency, rate or extent of cell death by apoptosis. Cell death resulting from activation of endogenous cellular processes. The process of apoptosis in cells infected with a virus.

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Name: virus-infected cell apoptosis
Acc: GO:0006926
Aspect: Biological Process
Desc: The process of apoptosis in cells infected with a virus.
  • apoptosis of virus-infected cells
  • programmed cell death of virus-infected cells by apoptosis
  • killing virus-infected cells
  • virus-infected cell programmed cell death by apoptosis
  • programmed cell death, virus-infected cells
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GO:0006926 - virus-infected cell apoptosis (interactive image map)

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