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A DNA-directed RNA polymerase complex located in the mitochondrion. Mitochondrial RNA polymerase is composed of two subunits, a catalytic core, which resembles the enzymes from bacteriophage T7 and T3, and a specificity factor required for promoter recognition, which is similar to members of the eubacterial sigma factor family. In S. cerevisiae, these are encoded by the nuclear genes RPO41 and MTF1 and the specificity factor, required for promoter recognition and initiation, is not present in the elongating form. An RNA polymerase complex containing polypeptides encoded by the plastid genome. Plastid-encoded DNA-directed RNA polymerases resemble eubacterial multisubunit RNA polymerases, with a core composed of alpha, beta, and beta-prime subunits. Some forms contain multiple additional subunits. An additional sigma factor subunit is required for promoter recognition. Any macromolecular complex composed of two or more polypeptide subunits, which may or may not be identical. Protein complexes may have other associated non-protein prosthetic groups, such as nucleotides, metal ions or other small molecules. Any complex that possesses RNA polymerase activity; generally comprises a catalytic subunit and one or more additional subunits. The eubacterial DNA-directed RNA polymerase is a multisubunit complex with a core composed of the essential subunits beta-prime, beta, and two copies of alpha and a fifth nonessential subunit called omega. An additional subunit, a sigma factor, is required for promoter recognition and specificity. A protein complex, located in the nucleus, that possesses DNA-directed RNA polymerase activity. Any constituent part of the living contents of a cell; the matter contained within (but not including) the plasma membrane, usually taken to exclude large vacuoles and masses of secretory or ingested material. In eukaryotes it includes the nucleus and cytoplasm. A protein complex that possesses DNA-directed RNA polymerase activity.

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Name: DNA-directed RNA polymerase complex
Acc: GO:0000428
Aspect: Cellular Component
Desc: A protein complex that possesses DNA-directed RNA polymerase activity.
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GO:0000428 - DNA-directed RNA polymerase complex (interactive image map)

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