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Using this form, you may upload your own microscopy/localization data for FET3.

After review by scientists within the YRC, your data will be added to our database and made available to the world through the YRC PDR website--shown to users whenever they search for and view data for this protein.

Additionally, your data will always be attributed to you and any reference you supply below.

Please enter some information about yourself, so that we may attribute your data to you and contact you about your submission if necessary.

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Please supply some information about the data you are submitting. If there is no reference to cite for the data, please be sure to describe your microscopy experiment using the comments field.

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Please use this form to find the image files on your hard drive for this experiment. All images should be of the same field, only taken with different filters (such as DIC, YFP or CFP channels). Supported formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, PNM, Raw, TIFF, and WBMP

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Please enter any relevant Gene Ontology (GO) terms for the localization of FET3 illustrated by this data. This is optional, but will allow your data to be searched by GO terms in the near future.

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