Mason Demos

Welcome to the Mason demo site. Mason is a JavaScript and SVG sequence feature annotation viewer that may be integrated into web sites. Mason source code and documentation may be found at our GitHub site.

Pre-Built Modules

Below are four pre-built modules for displaying four types of sequence annotation data: coiled-coil predictions, transmembrane and signal peptide predictions, disordered regions predictions, and secondary structure predictions.
Generic JSON module: [Code and details]
Paircoil2 coiled-coil module: [Code and details]
Philius transmembrane and signal peptide module: [Code and details]
DISOPRED disordered regions module: [Code and details]
PSIPRED secondary structure prediction module: [Code and details]

Example Applications:

Below are two example applications of the Mason viewer. The first is the display of protein sequence coverage in multiple mass spec proteomics experiments. The second is an example of incorporating multiple Mason viewers into a single page for showing different types of sequence annotations for the same protein.
Protein sequence coverage and quality from proteomics experiments: [Code and details]
Show/hide trypsin cut points
Multiple Mason viewers for the same protein on a single page. [Code and details]
Show/hide trypsin cut points

Show/hide trypsin cut points