Yeast  Genotype to Phenotype
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To learn more about this project, please read our publication or visit the "About" section to learn more about this site and the Yeast Resource Center. To download data, please visit the "Download" section to download all raw data generated by the project.

All "raw" data (including fluorescence microscopy, metabolomic, proteomic, RNA-seq, and high-thoughput sequencing) are available on our download page

The sequencing, RNA-seq, and proteomic data for all strains may be viewed on a per-gene basis using the search box above or at the top of any page in the site.

UCSC Genome Browser tracks for the sequencing, RNA-seq, and proteomics data have been uploaded to the UCSC Genome Browser here.

All microscopy data may be viewed at the YRC Public Image Repository.